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Have you ever wondered what a Virtual Assistant could do for you?

The way we work is changing. Businesses are no longer restricted by their size or scope. Instead, thanks to a growing network of virtual support services, even the smallest businesses are now more able to compete on a level playground with larger local, regional and even global organisations.

Virtual support services, such as Virtual Assistants, are changing the way the world does business by allowing even the smallest of businesses to ensure no call or enquiry goes unanswered.

In this post, we’ll explain some of the key roles and responsibilities undertaken by Virtual Assistants and reveal how beneficial virtual office support services can be for businesses of all sizes.

Take phone calls

If you are way too busy trying to grow your business and juggle administration tasks, a Virtual Assistant could take your calls and provide you with the time and space you need to tackle your most important responsibilities.

Arrange appointments

A Virtual Assistant is able to take calls and confirm appointments, leaving you free to focus on what you do best.

Create a professional image

Trust and professionalism are very important in business. Without professionalism, you can’t build trust in your business. Virtual receptionists are highly experienced and are able to deal with every call in a calm and professional manner.

Collect & forward mail

Are you in between offices? Perhaps you’re looking for an affordable office space in Manchester or Burnley? A Virtual Assistant service can also provide you with a mail forwarding and mailbox service, allowing you to benefit from a city centre address and postcode.

Support when you need it most

A Virtual Assistant is there to take the stress of juggling admin tasks off your shoulders. Why worry about missed business opportunities and phone calls when you don’t have to? A Virtual Assistant will always be available during business hours, so if you leave the office to attend a client meeting, you can be confident that calls to your office will not go unanswered in your absence.

Freedom & flexibility

As a business owner, how much of your working day is spent on administration tasks? One hour? Two? Perhaps three? Think how much more you could achieve if you could free up some of that time to focus on your business.

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Too busy to answer the phone or arrange important business meetings? That’s ok, ava can help so you’ll never miss an opportunity again. With ava, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to manage your admin on your terms.

Maintaining a high standard of customer care is easy. You can even decide whether calls are transferred directly to your phone or put through to your very own receptionist.

For more information, contact ava today to discuss your requirements.