Delegation is a key part of business. Hiring staff to take on different responsibilities is essential if you want to grow. So, would a receptionist help? They take on a variety of tasks – from phone answering to data entry – which could reduce your administrative burden. The question is whether that’s something you need enough to justify an extra wage going out. Read on as we discuss whether your business needs a receptionist.

Emails getting out of hand?

Checking, forwarding and responding to emails is a hugely time-consuming task. For you, it means taking a few hours – maybe more – out of your daily schedule. Most of this will be sifting through to find what’s important. A receptionist can monitor your email, alerting you when something needs your attention. They can even forward important emails to a separate email address. If emails are taking up too much of your time, it might be worth considering a receptionist.

The phone keeps ringing…

In business, a constantly ringing phone can only be a good thing, right? In some ways, yes. Potential customers getting in touch is great news for you. But sometimes, it can all get a bit too much. There are days where you just need to get on with your work, without interruptions. Chances are, a lot of these calls are unwanted too. With a receptionist, all calls are taken care of. They’ll take messages and forward calls when necessary.

Stacks of post

Handling post is yet another way a receptionist can free up your time. While most business communication takes place over the internet now, there are still some businesses who prefer to use paperwork. Government departments like HMRC also use paper correspondence regularly, though there will inevitably be some unwanted and unimportant post coming through. Your receptionist can sort through post, taking another task off your list.

Weighing things up

So, we’ve firmly established that receptionists are beneficial. The question is how useful? If you’re a small business, employing an extra person is quite the stretch – both financially and practically. Do you have the space and resources for another person in the office? If not, you might want to hold off.

There’s also the issue of commitment. When your number of employees is still in single figures, an extra member of staff is a big step up. You don’t have the kind of revolving door that bigger businesses can facilitate. The termination of one big project or contract could leave you short of work, removing the need for extra staff.

A convenient, cost-efficient solution

Do you need a receptionist, but don’t have the resources or space? Maybe you’re not ready for the commitment of hiring an extra member of staff? Ava has the answer. We can provide virtual assistant services, without the cost, commitment and hassle of hiring a full-time receptionist.

Mail forwarding, fax-to-email and professional telephone answering – we’ll cover it all. You’ll benefit from a reduced workload, without missing out on any business opportunities. Sounds perfect, right? For more information on any of our services, contact us online today.